Natalia, 51 y.o.

Ukraine , Krivoy Rog
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  • Natalia
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  • Natalia
    6 Kisses
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About Me
  • Looking for: Marriage, Video Chat
  • Date of birth: April 21, 1968
  • Height: 5` 5" - (165cm)
  • Weight: 150 Lbs. (68 Kg.)
  • Eye Color: Gray
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
  • Astrological sign: I don`t believe in it
  • Religious background: Christian
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: Boy (1990), Boy (1998)
  • Custody: Live with me
  • Languages: English [ 2 ], German [ 3 ], Russian [ 5 ]
    1 - Brief language experience. Can use and understand some words, greetings, expressions. No grammar knowledge.
    2 - Knowledge of basic grammar patterns, keeping small talk and to understand simple sentences.
    3 - Keeping the conversation and readeng using dictionary.
    4 - Good grammar knowledge, oracy and writing skills.
    5 - The highest level of language knowledge. Language fluency in any situation. Knowledge of languges
  • Level of Education: Doctorate
  • Occupation: Training
  • Smoking habits: Non-Smoker
  • Drinking habits: Occasionally
  • Drugs: No drugs
  • Personality: nice
  • Preferences: read a lot of books on psychology
  • Hobbies: I\'m interested in everything that raises my professional level.
  • Other:
    About me: I`m very kind, feminine, soft, friendly, smiling, soulful, calm, respect opinion of others, love kids, animals (I have a cat), thoughtful, fun, don`t smoke, don`t drink, family oriented, faithful. I have a tender soul, like a small child, open to new experiences and able to love and give tenderness, love, care to a loving husband. Interest: love to keep house, cook, draw, fitness, love to travel, try to learn something new, read a lot of psychological books, poetry, listen to good music for a good mood. And of course I`m interested in everything that raises my professional level.
About Partner
  • Age: 50 - 90 y.o.
  • Ethnicity: Not important
  • Height: 4` 6" - (137cm) - 6`11" - (211cm)
  • Weight: 158 Lbs. (72 Kg.) - 180 Lbs. (82 Kg.)
  • Smoking habits: Not important
  • Drinking habits: Socially
  • Drugs: No drugs
  • About partner:
    About partner: kind, generous, calm, ambitious, respects women and children, not using drugs and not abusing alcohol, interesting, willing to have a strong family who is oriented towards traditional values, financially stable, faithful, able to be there in troubles and in happiness. Type of man: normal man
    Character: active
    Education: College or University
    Salary: 200,000 euro/year
  • A short message to future partner:
    Hi Lovely! My name is Nataly.
    Nowadays families are often break up. Men and women are often cruel to each other and there is selfishness in their relationships. It brings up to quarrels and disagreements. Materialism is not the most important part in my life as even rich families often break up too where children suffer most of all.
    For me the most important thing in man is his love and good relation to me. It`s bad when person is alone. I want to be with a man with whom you can spend all your life in peace and happiness, for giving him my joy and love.
    I like cooking food from simple products. My favorite hobby is fishing in the summer. I like pets (cats, dogs). I like walking during the winter when it`s snowing.
    I don`t like to sit without the work I`m an active person. I want to meet a man with whom I would like to spend all my life and not to be sorry about anything and to live happily.